Month: March 2013

Senate Joint Resolution 15 passed committee unanimously

Thanks to your calls, emails, tweets, text messages, and in person visits with your legislators, Senate Joint Resolution 15 passed it’s first hurdle on the way to the ballot in 2014. After testimony from supporters and opponents (the opponents were mining industry lobbyists) the Senate Revenue committee voted to pass the SJR15 unanimously. The resolution now will go to the Assembly Taxation committee for approval before going to a vote of both houses. Senators Roberson, Brower and Kieckhefer asked the most pointed questions, showing visible frustration that the mining industry could not, or perhaps just would not, provide the committee with straight answers. The mining industry refused to say if they were for or against the resolution, or if they would sue the state of SJR15 is passed. They indicated if the people of Nevada were successful in passing SJR15, they would stop paying the Net Proceeds on Minerals Tax, even though that tax is not only in the constitution, it is state law. During testimony mining lobbyist Gary Wadhams attempted to pass around a six pound rock with 26 cents worth of gold, but the committee wasn’t in the mood for theatrics. Mr Wadhams was there to make mining’s case against (but not really against, at least not on record) SJR15, but Senator Roberson accused him of misleading the committee. Assemblyman Ira Hansen also provided animated testimony, going...

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A message from Elko on SJR15

Today Senate Joint Resolution 15 was heard before the Senate Revenue Committee. Supporters of the resolution to remove mining’s tax protections from our state’s constitution packed legislative hearing rooms in Carson City and Las Vegas. No one from Elko testified during today’s hearing, but of course that doesn’t mean no one is for or against the bill. The following is a message from an Elko resident in favor of SJR15. Many other residents of Elko have contacted their legislators asking them to support SJR15 so the people of Nevada can vote for it in 2014. Elko says pass Senate Joint Resolution 15 Unfortunately, like most full-time parents, I will be unable to attend. However, like most full-time parents living in Elko, we want to see SJR 15 passed so the people of Nevada can vote, not for a new tax on the mining industry (which Sandoval opposes), but to remove the protections that the Mining Industry, primarily the Out-of-State Mining Corporations, have abused for decades. We have seen the Out-of-State mining corporations hold Elko County, and our elected politicians, hostage (Newmont and Barrick are the largest donors to Pete and John’s campaign); when bad decisions are made in Colorado, or in Canada, people in Elko feel the negative impacts of those decisions, in the form of mass layoffs (such as Jerritt Canyon’s mass layoffs in violation of the WARN...

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Sign up for Immigrant Lobby Days!

Join the Nevada Immigrant Coalition for the 3rd Biannual Immigrant Lobby Days on Friday April 12th at the Nevada State Legislative Building in Carson City Nevada   Immigrant Lobby Days is an opportunity for immigrant and undocumented Nevadans and their allies to lobby the legislature on issues important to all immigrant communities. The Nevada Immigrant Coalition represents organizations and activists from around Nevada working together for comprehensive immigration reform, as well as protecting and fighting for the human and civil rights of all immigrant and undocumented Nevadans. Immigrant Lobby Days Schedule (all events take place in room 3100 of the Legislative Building) 9:00am Welcome Breakfast Noon-2:00pm Luncheon with elected officials 2:00pm – 4:00pm Lobbying Complete this form to register for Immigrant Lobby Days: Complete this form if you would like a ride from Las Vegas to Carson City and...

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Nevada’s AG says is time for DeMarco to go

Last week Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto once again stood up for Nevada homeowners and victims of the foreclosure crisis and urged the White House to replace Edward DeMarco, Acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). DeMarco refuses to implement the White House’s principal write-down program for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac backed home loans; the program could prevent foreclosure, keeping more Nevadans in their homes.   FHFA is critical because it oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which hold more than half the mortgages in this country.  Their purpose is to allow all people to access affordable housing, not just the wealthy.  But instead of people being able to remain in their homes, DeMarco’s actions are driving millions of homeowners into unnecessary debt and foreclosure. DeMarco is a holdover appointee from the Bush administration. Five years after the big banks crashed our economy, DeMarco is punishing millions of homeowners and holding back our country’s economic recovery as he continues to oppose sound and fair policies that will help millions of homeowners and our economy. “Nevada has been devastated by the housing and foreclosure crisis.  Too many homes remain underwater,” said Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.  “We need to implement principle write-downs by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This is a critical step in helping our state recover from the economic slump.” Attorney General Cortez-Masto is...

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Ain’t No Court Supreme Enough To Keep Me From My Dreams

On Tuesday March 26th the United States Supreme Court will hold deliberations on marriage equality, and at the same time, Nevada’s state legislature will hold a hearing to repeal Nevada’s anti-marriage language from our state’s constitution. PLAN state director Bob Fulkerson penned this blog with reflections on equality, how far we’ve come and where we’re going.   This Tuesday I’ll have the honor of witnessing the Supreme Court’s deliberations on marriage equality. It got me thinking about the progress we’ve all made in the march toward freedom for LGBT people in our country.   It’ll be 20 years in April since I traveled to the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Equality. The Nevada contingent was mainly Las Vegans, but my friend and mentor Marla Painter (pictured) and I were part of the tiny northern contingent. After the march we gathered in Harry Reid’s senate office to ask him about LGBT rights.  As I recall we mainly discussed AIDS policy and workplace non-discrimination. Three years later, Harry Reid was on the right side of history when he voted in favor of the federal Employment Non Discrimination Act, which lost by one vote.   The same year we marched on Washington, Nevada became the first state since the Supreme Court upheld the Constitutionality of state sodomy laws to repeal its “infamous crimes against nature” law,  thanks to Sen. Lori Lipmann...

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