Year: 2013

It’s time for Nevada to stop criminalizing acts between consenting same sex couples

Senate Bill 388 eliminates the “infamous crimes against nature” law. It passed out of both houses and now heads to the desk of Governor Brian Sandoval PLEASE CALL 775-684-5670 OR EMAIL the Governor today: Nevada’s outdated “infamous crimes against nature” statute discriminates against same sex couples and violates their rights to equal protection under the law. Under current Nevada law, the age of consent is different for same sex and opposite sex couples. While the age of consent for opposite sex couples is 16, same sex couples effectively cannot consent to sex, or even communicate about sex, until age 18, due to the “infamous crimes  against nature” statute. Same sex couples can also be criminalized for their behavior, because this statute is law, Nevadans are being charged with this alleged crime.   The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nevada has sued the state Nevada for prosecuting a gay teen who had consensual sex with his partner.   SB388 does not eliminate ANY of the crimes currently on our books that protect children because other statutes protect against sexual contact between adults and children. Not only is the “infamous crimes” statute outdated and discriminatory, but also it has no real legal necessity, given that there are already crimes on the books under which individuals can be charged.  ...

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After 150 years, what changed?

Our state director Bob Fulkerson on how SJR15 came to be. We at PLAN have been asked several times about what changed between 2010 and now that turned the tide against mining’s stranglehold on Nevada. Here’s some thoughts: In 2009, PLAN tried to get some measly deductions removed from the industry but we were shut down handily. In 2010, we launched the Nevada Fair Mining Tax initiative that would have changed the constitutional cap from 5% net to 5% gross. But mining mounted a vigorous legal challenge, and ran out the clock before we could get enough signatures. Meanwhile, the state is in the midst of a devastating recession, cutting $1 billion from education alone over a 5-year period. People saw mining and the rurals doing incredibly well. They wondered why the Legislature wouldn’t enact a tax higher than the 1 percent mining tax it paid to the general fund. And the answer was because mining was protected in the Nevada constitution. This concerned people in Clark County, who knew that whether the Strip boomed or lost money, schools in Elko and other mining towns would be funded by their dollars. Yet when mining did well (this year, mineral production exceeded $10 billion in Nevada), Clark County didn’t see many mining dollars at all. In the 2011 session, Senate Revenue Chair Sheila Leslie  and Majority Leader Steven Horsford held...

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Drag for DREAMs – Scholarship Application!

On Thursday, May 16th the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada’s Uniting Communities program and the Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada hosted Drag for DREAMs, a drag show fundraiser for undocumented students in Nevada. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a program announced by President Obama last June. It allows undocumented students (known as DREAMers) to obtain a work permit and gives them reprieve from deportation. The cost of one DACA application is $465. We will be awarding two DACA scholarships to two lucky Nevada DREAMers! Complete this form to apply for a scholarship that will go...

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Happy Mother’s Day, for all the mamas

Astrid Silva, co-founder of DREAM Big Vegas, is an activist in Southern Nevada. She wrote this blog to share the undocumented perspective on Mother’s Day: Ever since I was young I remember dreading ‘El Dia de las Madres’ – in Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 10th of May every year no matter what the day falls on as opposed to the second Sunday as it is here. I could never pin point why I didn’t like the holiday or why I didn’t look forward to it, it wasn’t the having to buy two presents for my mom or that I didn’t love her in abundance. When I look back and think of my memories of ‘El Dia de las Madres’ they are filled with seeing my mom crying and playing songs for my Abuelita Chabela over the phone. They are memories of my Dad calling his siblings to make sure they received the money he had gathered to be able to send to my Abuelita Mica, then having to hope they would do what he specified with it. Sometimes we would call and get to talk to the Abuelas’ briefly because they were being whisked away to some celebration in their honor, with all the laughter of their grandchildren in the background. Meanwhile we were left with the empty feeling that I couldn’t describe until now. I...

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PLAN’s legislative priorities update

During our legislative retreat earlier this year PLAN’s staff, executive board, and member group organizations chose five legislative priorities to focus on. With less than a month left in the session, we wanted to give you an update on how these bills are doing. Be sure to contact your Assembly and Senate representatives and ask them to support these pieces of legislation that will help create a more fair and just Nevada.   Senate Joint Resolution 15 Removal of Mining Tax Protections Current Status: Passed the Senate 17-4. Assembly Taxation heard the bill on Monday, no action was taken. Click here to contact members of the committee and ask for a vote.   Senate Joint Resolution 13 Marriage Equality Current Status: Passed the Senate 12-9. Assembly Legislative Operations committee hearing Thursday May 9th at 4:00pm. Contact your member of the Assembly!   Senate Bill 321 Homeowner Bill of Rights Current Status: Passed the Senate 21-0. Heard before the Assembly Judiciary Committee, no action taken.  Contact your member of the Assembly   Senate Bill 303 Driver Authorization Cards Current Status: Stalled in the Senate. Senate Committee on Finance hearing Wednesday May 8th time to be determined. Contact your member of the Senate!   Assembly Bill 230 Comprehensive Sex Education Current Status: Passed the Assembly 26-15. Heard in Senate Education committee Monday May 6th; no action taken. Contact your member of...

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