Some Highlights from 1994-2011

PLAN has a long track record of achieving concrete policy wins with and for low-income people and others living on the margins of our communities. We have also worked to build new leaders and organizations to defend their communities from attacks and promote a more just Nevada. The list below is a result of hard work and coalition building with a countless people and organizations that also deserve credit for these wins.

Civic Engagement:  Created Nevada C3 Voices, a statewide collaborative, to increase efficiency of groups conducting non-partisan voter registration and GOTV 2009; Registered and turned out more than 10,000 voters since 2004; nearly doubled voter turn out in our targeted precincts and increased turnout among young voters by over 5%, 2010.

Environmental Justice: Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, 2001; defeat of massive mine adjacent to Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, 2002; helped pass mercury monitoring program, 2009; created Nevada Conservation League, 2001; passed sustainable water ballot initiative, 2006; helped lead campaign against Las Vegas Water Grab, 2006-2011; passed mining regulatory oversight bill and ended eminent domain for mining, 2011.

Health Care:  Sponsored Legislative AIDS Awareness Day in the NV Legislature, 1995-97; As HCAN affiliate, conducted campaign to support Affordable Care Act, 2009-2010. ACA implementation legislation, 2011.

Immigrant Rights:  Released comprehensive studies on the role of immigrant labor in the Nevada economy, 2006-08; created the Nevada Immigrant Coalition, 2008; knocked on 6,000 doors, identified 350 families to be part of PLAN’s economic justice/tax work, 2010; helped defeat every single anti-immigrant bill introduced in the Legislature (with one exception: banning scholarships to undocumented students); convinced NV Secretary of State to withdraw support for E Verify, 2011; Held the first ever “Latino Day at the Legislature”, February 22, featuring 150 top leaders identified in our 2010 civic engagement work.  Arranged meetings with legislators, an issues briefing, and a lobbying workshop lead by Latino leaders, 2011.

LGBT Policies:  Comprehensive hate crimes legislation, 1996; Employment Non-Discrimination Act, 1997; helped create the northern Nevada LGBT Center, 1999; lead fight against anti-gay marriage initiative, 2000-02; Domestic Partnerships, 2009; Trans-inclusive non-discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment, 2011.

Low Income/Economic Justice Policies: Created the Nevada Empowered Women’s Project, 1997; helped pass new tax package bringing in $836 million, 2003; released Living Wage Report, 2004; defeated TABOR bills, 2005; helped pass minimum wage ballot initiative, 2006; released comprehensive tax/budget reports, 2003, 2009 and 2011; obtained 10% increase in TANF grants, first in 15 years.

Racial Equity: Conducted Dismantling Racism workshops for board and staff since 1998; Helped pass felon re-enfranchisement laws, 2001-03 and 2011 (vetoed by Governor); lead campaign to register ex-felons, 2008; held trainings on PLAN’s Racial Equity Report Card (released in 2010) process for PLAN member groups and allied organizations to demonstrate how we can use racial equity, including immigrant rights policies, as a standard by which we measure public policy in Nevada,  2010-11. Passed ward voting bill (vetoed by Governor), 2011.

Other: Lead campaign to pass new worker safety laws in the wake of a disaster that killed 4 workers, 1998-99; passed comprehensive campaign finance disclosure legislation, 1995; established Nevada Young Activist Project, 1999.

Fundraising: PLAN’s total donors increased 32% over 2009. $1000-$10,000 donors increased from 4 in 2009 to 16 in 2010, a 4-fold increase. $500 donors increased 40% and $250 donors increased 53%.