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Community Forum – TPS and DACA

Please join us for a community forum to Learn other options TPS and DACA recipients have to be protected Get involved in the fight for the Dream Act for Dreamers Receive legal help will be available to answer any questions Download flyer Learn more about your rights Únete a nosotros para un foro de la comunidad Conozca las opciones que tienen los beneficiarios de TPS y DACA para protegerse Entérese como luchar por el Dream Act Abogados de Inmigración estarán disponibles Descargar folleto Conozca más acerca de sus derechos Monday December 18th / Lunes 18 de Diciembre de 6:00 to...

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Water is Life Nevada Film Screening is Coming

The 2017 Water Tour provided an opportunity for individuals to connect from urban Nevada to rural Nevada, and vice-versa. During the Tour, we filmed the journey and interviewed folks along the way. In March 2018, we are planning to screen two short videos in Reno: one covering the leg from Reno to Baker, NV, and the other from Las Vegas to Baker, NV. Following the screenings, there will be a Q&A panel to go into matters in more detailed; a small percentage of Nevada’s population live in rural areas, but water use in these areas determines the vitality of Nevada...

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Anaconda Mine Tour Reflection

I’ve spent most of my life in Las Vegas, Nevada where I was born and raised. Like most families in Vegas, mine chose to go out-of-state for our weekend vacationing and believed that the rest of the state comprised mostly of tumbleweeds and lonely roads. In more recent years, as I started diving more and more into local politics, I began to realize that rural Nevada and its many communities play a crucial part in our state’s history as well as our future. As an environmental justice/mining accountability fellow for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), I am...

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The future of our economy is in 100% renewable energy

The health and well being of our communities depend on strong climate action from our government, not the removal of protections. Repealing the Clean Power Plan would reduce air quality and result in premature deaths while also worsening climate change. The future of our economy is in 100% renewable energy, not the dirty fossil fuels of the past. It’s up to us to send a strong message to the EPA It’s up to us to send a strong message to the EPA demanding that they hold public hearings in all 50 states to discuss the Clean Power Plan, and hear from our most impacted communities, before moving forward.  Submit your comment to the EPA today. Tune-in to the EPA’s Live-streamed Hearing on the Proposed Clean Power Plan Repeal, Nov. 28-29, 2017 Related Information FACT SHEET Proposal to Repeal the Clean Power Plan (Source: EPA) Learn more about the proposed repeal and how to comment through the EPA Live Stream of the U.S. EPA Public hearing: Proposal to Repeal the Clean Power Plan (Nov. 28-29, 2017) PLANista Op-Ed on the Proposed Clean Power Plan Repeal – A Coal-hearted Repeal Driving the Climate Crisis PLAN works to achieve environmental justice by addressing the root problems driving the climate crisis: economic inequality, structural racism and corporate greed. Join Us - Get...

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Environmental Justice Collaboration @ UNR and TMCC

During the week of Nov. 6th, PLAN’s Environmental Justice (EJ) team both lead a film screening and were invited to present on mining accountability. The film screening was at the University of Nevada-Reno and was titled, “Injustice in Nevada and Guatemala“, as a part of the team’s local and international organizing efforts that were kicked off last month. This event was led by our EJ fellow, Gianni, and mining intern, Ian, alongside collaboration with student partners, such as our former intern, Sierra Jickling, and organizations at the University. The presentation at TMCC was by invitation to complement an environmental...

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