• Demanding accountability for abuses in Guatemala and the Comstock

    On Thursday, April 21, PLAN and the Comstock Residents Association (CRA) held a press conference in front of the Nevada Mining Association to denounce Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) illegal operations at its Progreso VII Derivada gold mine in Guatemala. KCA’s exploitation license was suspended by Guatemalan Courts in July and November 2015 and the Ministry of Energy and Mines in March 2016, but mining continues. Read the press release here.


    PLAN also visited KCA’s office to personally deliver the Court rulings and the Ministry of Energy and Mines order to suspend exploitation activities.

    President and founder, Daniel Kappes was not in, and unfortunatly his staff refused to receive our letter requesting he clarify the state of operations in Guatemala and respect the rule of law. Mr. Kappes did provide a statement to the Reno Gazette-Journal claiming that the mine was both operating legally and suspended due to lack of consultation with impacted communities.

    Members of the peaceful opposition who have camped outside the mine entrance in protest for four years report that clandestine operations – clearly not those of a legally operating mine – continue.

    Daniel Kappes, is also on the board of directors for Comstock Mining Inc. Comstock operates the highly controversial open pit mine near Gold Hill and Silver City and is a member of the Nevada Mining Association. PLAN and CRA also delivered a letter to the Nevada Mining Association calling on it to do the right thing and demand Kappes to respect the law and suspend operations in Guatemala.

  • The PLANista! April 19th Edition!



    See what’s been happening at PLAN!!!

    We Need Nine!

    Stacey SCOUTS

    Stacey Shinn from PLAN, Annette Magnus from BattleBorn Progress and Assemblyman Elliot Anderson represented Nevada in Washington DC on April 5th for a day of action on #WeNeedNine. Representatives from nine states traveled to the capital to ask Senate Republicans to hold a hearing on Judge Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme

    Stacey Shinn with Dean Heller

    Stacey Shinn with Dean Heller

    Court and give him a vote. Nevada’s delegation thanked Senator Harry Reid’s staff for his leadership and met with Senator Heller to ask for him to meet with Judge Garland, as well as encourage his leadership to stop their current obstruction of the process. PLAN and the Nevadans for Judicial Progress continue to encourage the Senate to #DoYourJob and educate progressives why courts matter.






    End of Coal?

    On Thursday March 24, PLAN co-hosted a presentation on the North Valmy Coal Plant with the Sierra Club and the Reno Justice

    Valmy Coal Plant

    Valmy Coal Plant

    Coalition. The event was held at UNR with over a dozen participants. The presentation highlighted the need to close the plant sooner than the proposed time, its economic and health impacts on Nevadans, and its relation to compliance to the Clean Power Plan. Participants left the meeting with a plan to continue working with each other to engage with Nevada’s next steps in relation to clean energy.



    Campaign School!


    Social Work Students and PLAN organizers attended “Campaign School” on April 1st and 2nd. The 2-day workshop event was led by Kate Coyne-McCoy, president of the nationally recognized organization, Campaign Fixer / KCM Consulting. They have trained more than 7,000 candidates and assisted with hundreds of successful elections. Kate designed and implemented candidate training and support programs for EMILY’s list and for the Oval Office program at Harvard University while serving as a Fellow in the Women’s Public Policy Program. Kate is a trained social worker, an experienced advocate, coalition builder, effective organizer, Campaign Schooland former candidate for Congress. The workshop was held to explain how important it is for everyday people to become involved in their communities politically. Kate pushed the importance of not only people from the community representing their neighborhoods, but also the steps of getting started. Day two of the workshop also featured interactive activities and panels led by political social workers, and current elected officials, including our lobbyist Stacey Shinn. Participants learned valuable skills that can be applied to any practice setting.


    The Million Student March!


    On Wednesday March 13th the Reno Justice Coalition (RJC) hosted the Million Student March (MSM). Over 30 students at the University of Nevada, Reno joined PLAN, RJC, and students around the country. All of us demanding free college tuition, an end to student debt, $15 an hour for all campus workers, and divest from private prisons by all colleges and universities. In addition, students presented the universities Provost with petitions challenging the 15 to Finish policy which has tied 15 credits to access state funding, citing issues with equity.

    PLAN organizer, Escenthio Marigny talks with the provost

    PLAN organizer, Escenthio Marigny talks with the provost









    Celebration of worker’s Rights!

    PLAN organizer, Monique Normand with Ramón Chávez

    PLAN organizer, Monique Normand with Ramón Chávez

    PLAN attended the annual César Chávez event on March 30th in Reno NV. The event celebrated César Chávez’s historical march with farm workers from Delano, to Sacramento, California in 1966. The event featured dancers, awards presented to union supported businesses, and César Chávez’s nephew, Ramón Chávez excepted an award on his late uncle’s behalf.

    Lalo Macias tells students how the Culinary Union helped him with his rights.

    Lalo Macias tells students how the Culinary Union helped him with his rights.

    PLAN also showed support at a student led César Chávez and Dolores Huerta event on the University of Nevada Reno’s campus. The event was hosted by the Latino Student Advisory Board on campus, and PLAN registered students to vote. The event celebrated the legacy of César Chávez and Dolores Huerta. It also focused on the importance of domestic workers, understanding worker’s rights, and organizing for change!








    Rosa Molina explains the citizenship process

    Rosa Molina explains the citizenship process

    On Thursday April 14th The PLAN Immigration Program in Reno held a pre-screening for a citizenship workshop. Rosa Molina, the program’s director, held an information session on the process of citizenship and answered any questions

    the community had. A dozen people participated and were able to take home materials to research, and help them further in citizenship application. The PLAN Immigration program was excited to take these steps in preparing a citizenship workshop in Reno! To contact the Immigration Program in Reno call: 775-800-1851




    Mining Matters

    PLAN’s new mining organizer, Ellen Moore’s opinion piece titled, “One View: Guatemala mine owned by Nevada firm operatingEllen head shot outside the law,” was published in the Reno Gazette Journal last week. Ellen’s piece focused on the mining industry’s deceit and how it not only effects residents in Nevada, but also citizens in Guatemala. Ellen did a lot of work in Guatemala before joining us here in Reno. She worked on human rights campaigns and focused on fighting against corporate companies taking land from residents. Ellen has seen firsthand how fraudulent mining companies can hurt a community. To read Ellen’s piece, click here!






    Registering Voters!

    We are still excited about our civic engagement work! This past month we’ve been working with RISE, the Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality. RISE’s program, Rise and Dine provides many people in the community with food who wouldn’t normally

    John will be voting for the first time this upcoming election.

    John will be voting for the first time this upcoming election.


    receive any. While working with RISE, PLAN has been able to reach many people who have never participated in elections before. John, pictured to the right, registered to vote for the very first time with PLAN. John explained to organizers that no one has ever approached him to register before. He told us the thought that his vote could be the deciding vote on an issue makes him excited. John believes that the coming election is going to be an important one and he’s glad that he gets to participate in it!

    Are you registered, and ready to let your voice count too? If not, click here!!!



    Next time in the Planista we look forward to

    -sharing our march in Las Vegas for 15$ an hour

    -Our efforts with supporting DAPA/DACA

    -and our new mining efforts!

    Special thanks to Stacey Shinn, Juseth Giron, and Escenthio Marigny for their help with this edition.


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    new newsletter


    Meet our newest PLAN organizer!

    Ellen Moore is originally from Minnesota but has been working with NISGUA in Guatemala for the past few years. Ellen is PLAN’S Mining Accountability Organizer!

    Ellen’s help has come just in time too!

    On March 8th PLAN attended the Keep It In The Ground rally, hosted by the Center for Biological Diversity. Their campaign has been seeking out public land auctions and making a presence at them. The rally was held to shed light on fracking and the taking of our lands here in Nevada.  During the rally, PLAN marched with over 50 people to the Silver Legacy hotel and casino where the BLM oil and gas leasing auction was being held. Once there, we let our presence be known and some folks even went inside to witness the auction take place. Learn more here and here!keepitin the ground

    PLAN is proud to stand with anti-fracking activists in order to combat climate change and protect Nevada’s water. We also believe that taking a stand on hard rock mining is equally important in the fight to protect our precious water resources. According to the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP), gold mines are the largest source of atmospheric mercury in our state. And this isn’t just a problem here at home. Nevada based gold operations currently make up nine of the top 10 mercury producing mines in the United States. These toxic emissions settle on the soil and wash into our surface water. The most recent NDEP report states that 34 of Nevada’s lakes, streams and reservoirs are contaminated with mercury, up from 19 in 2006.


    Citizenship Fair in Vegas

    Citizenship Fair LV

    More than 100,000 people are eligible to become US citizens in Clark county. Along with the Culinary Workers Union 226 and UNITE HERE, PLAN held a workshop Saturday March 19th to help some of these community members begin their journey to citizenship. We were able to help 182 complete their applications with almost 100 volunteers recruited to make this happen. Sign up here to help Nevadans become eligible voters before November!


    The Debt Crisis is Real

    Debt Conference

    On March 7th-9th PLANistas from Reno and Las Vegas attended People’s Action’s Nation Debt Conference. The conference centered around examining the various forms of debt plaguing our nation ranging from payday loans, student debt, and legal financial obligations. Participants learned about the root causes of the varying debt crises and devised strategies to transform the current reality. In addition, participants engaged in meetings with their respective state representatives with information about beneficial bills that can stymie the debt crises.

    Debt Conf

    Members also engaged in an action to challenge Representative, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s backing of H.R. 4018, which would limit the ability of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to regulate the payday loan industry.

    We Must Keep Our Families Together!

    Americus Brief

    On Wednesday March 9th PLAN along with UNR Social work students, and community members attended Reno’s city council meeting to ask that that the Council to reject Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s dangerous ideology and support immigrants and clean air advocates in Nevada. During Public Comment we asked The city council to support Nevada’s immigrant families and back the amicus brief in support of President Obama’s immigration actions that will keep families together. Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has attached Nevada to two lawsuits, one that will stop efforts to lower toxic emissions (the Clean Power Plan) and another that will stop the deportations of the undocumented parents of US Citizens. In addition, our goal is to ensure that the Mayor and City Council support the people of Reno and the entire state of Nevada by adopting these two resolutions.


    Celebration of Women

    PLANistas tabling


    PLAN, along with Tu Casa Latina, Safe Embrace, CAAW, and, NNLC celebrated International Women’s day on March 8th at Little Flower church in Reno. More than 100 women attended! The event honored many notable women in the community. The event also allowed for many helping services in Nevada to come and reach out to the community. International Women’s day provides a global opportunity for everyone to pledge support to help accelerate gender equality.



    PLAN volunteers and PLANista's talk to Senator Heller's representative Jack Finn

    PLAN and Sierra Club volunteers and PLANista’s talk to Senator Heller’s Southern Nevada representative Jack Finn

    PLAN joined Moveon.org on March 21st in Reno and Las Vegas to ask senator Dean Heller to give president Obama’s supreme court nominee a fair chance. Chief Judge Merrik Garland is more than qualified for the position. Around 40 people attended the action that took place at Senator Heller’s office in Reno and in Las Vegas.

    PLANista's and volunteers stand in solidarity in Reno!

    PLANistas outside of Senator Dean Heller’s office in Reno

    In Reno, activists were able to go inside and leave comment for Senator Heller, while In Las Vegas activists were able to talk with a representative from Senator Heller’s office, that met with them outside. PLAN was excited to be part of this push to fill the seat!


    15 To Finish is not here for Students!

    On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, approximately 40 students gathered with the Reno Justice Coalition with the support of PLAN, to discuss the University of Nevada, Reno’s “15 to Finish” program. The “15 to Finish” program requires that students be taking 15 or more credits each semester, in order to qualify for scholarships and full-time financial aid. Breaking out into small groups, students shared their stories of how this policy has negatively impacted their time at the university, especially since most of them are forced to work in order to pay for necessities such as food and rent.

    The Provost and UNR explains the 15 to Finish program.

    The Provost and UNR explains the 15 to Finish program.

    Taking 15 credits, while not mandatory (except for certain aid), makes maintaining a job incredibly difficult. This disproportionately affects students of color, low-income students, and first generation students. Students were joined by the university’s provost, Dr. Kevin Carman, who provided an opportunity for them to ask questions directly to an administrator. Questions dealing with mental health, time and working off-campus jobs, and the root causes of the “15 to Finish” program were asked by students. After the question and answer session, students re-convened and overall seemed unsatisfied with Dr. Carman’s responses, pledging to move forward with their campaign to end the “15 to Finish” campaign.


    Congrats to Northern Nevada Hopes!

    PLANista's and organizers celebrate with Northern Nevada Hopes!

    PLANista’s and organizers celebrate with Northern Nevada Hopes!

    PLAN’s group member, Northern Nevada HOPES had the grand opening of their new building on March 15th in Reno. PLAN was there to celebrate with them and see the new space. Hope’s new wellness center will accommodate the community in Reno and bring quality healthcare to some folks who don’t have the means to receive it elsewhere. To learn more about HOPE’s click here!


    Remember to Vote!

    PLAN registered many first time voters!

    PLAN registered many first time voters!


    PLAN has also been connecting with college students during our civil engagement work! A few weeks ago PLANistas were able to talk to students in the dorms at the University of Nevada Reno, and got over 60 students registered to vote!

    If you still need to register don’t waste anymore time, click here and do it now! Remember, if you’ve moved since the last election you need to register again!

    Also, it’s not too late to join our contest!


    Now through April 18, PLAN is inviting middle school, high school, and college students to participate in our “Water over Gold” essay contest. Judges will select one essay from each category that best discusses the real impacts of mining on our land and water, and why it is important to protect our natural resources. Winning participants will be awarded prizes and will have their essays featured on the PLAN website. Click here for more info!

    Enjoy our work and all the great things PLAN is apart of in the community? Please consider a donation. We couldn’t do all the things we are able to do, without the help of the community! Click here to help!

  • The PLANista – PLAN News Letter: January 1, 2016


    We wanted to make sure you were up to date with everything PLAN is doing in Nevada, so we will be producing a newsletter called The PLANista!





    With so much going on between Reno, Las Vegas, Carson City, Elko and even Washington DC, we created this newsletter so you can keep up with what we’ve been up to.

    In November we attended the Clean Power Plan workshop in Carson City to ensure that the process makes Nevada the leader in a clean energy future. We can’t allow dirty industries to fight to ensue we do the bare minimum. The Clean Power Plan is our opportunity to building an economy that puts people and planet first.

    PLANistas at the Reno office before heading to Carson City

    Also in November, supporters in Reno hosted a fundraiser in honor of our 21st birthday. We met a brand new citizen from France who was anxious to register to vote. Click here to register to vote online, it only takes a few minutes.

    Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 6.43.05 PM


    We’ve supported the Fight for $15 since its inception in Nevada. And for the first time we hosted a Fight for $15 action in Reno, to coincide with Las Vegas’ day of action on November 10th.

    PLAN board member Theresa, stand with organizer Erika, as PLANistas and Fight for $15 organizer Jose talks about their campaign to raise the minimum wage and fight for union rights.

    Did you know? More than 8 million people are eligible to become US citizens, and if they file before April, they could possible vote in the 2016 election? That’s why we’ve joined with our partners to host free immigration workshops where Nevadans with green cards can get free legal help to finish out the process and become a citizen. Our next citizenship workshop is Saturday January 30th. Click here to RSVP to attend or help us make it a success by volunteering. No legal experience is needed.

    Barbs and Laura with our friend and partner Emily from iAmerica

    PLANistas traveled to Chicago for the National People’s Action organizer conference where we talked about what we’ve worked on in 2015 and how we’ll move the Long Term Agenda towards a People Planet First economy in 2016. We also participated in a little civil disobedience.

    Sending a message to Chicago school system to raise the wage!

    In January PLANistas eligible for DAPA, a deferred deportation program for the undocumented parents of US Citizens, met with Senator Reid to discuss upcoming court cases and share their stories. We’re hopeful the Supreme Court will hear the DAPA case this year and rule in our favor to keep families together.

    Photo courtesy of Senator Reid's office

    We hosted a State of the Union watch party with SEIU Nevada. Watching President Obama’s eighth and final address inspired people to continue to fight for immigration, minimum wage and our planet!

    Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.10.36 PM


  • PLAN celebrates approval of federal funds for Anaconda toxic mine clean up

    On March 29th, Governor Sandoval approved the EPA’s request to list the Anaconda copper mine as a Superfund National Priority. This designation, more than 10 years in the making, means federal funds will be available for long-term, integrated clean up of the toxic site located near Yerington.

    On March 25th, PLAN, Great Basin Resource Watch and 42 other individuals and organizations sent a letter to the Governor requesting immediate action in the face of an increasing threat to the families, farmers, wildlife and Tribes living in the region. PLAN also called on the Governor to defend the right of affected citizens, many who have been forced to drink bottled water for the past decade, to clean and safe groundwater.

    PLAN applauds the Governor for taking this important step and reiterates our demand that he and other elected representatives take concrete steps to hold mining corporations accountable for the contamination and abuse of Nevada’s groundwater in other parts of the state.

  • Join us: Real Solutions for Real People

    Join Us

    Join us for “Real Solutions for Real People”, a day for activists to join together in deepening our knowledge and commitment to comprehensive solutions for economic, racial and environmental justice issues for our communities.


    When: February 13, 2016
    Location: Reno, NV
    Time: 8:00am – 2:30pm

    Cost: FREE

  • Our thoughts on Faraday Future


    You may have heard: for the second time in 15 months, Governor Brian Sandoval has called a special session of the Nevada Legislature to approve an incentives package for an electric car company to set up shop in Nevada. In September of 2014 it was Tesla moving to the Reno area, today it’s Faraday Future hoping to become North Las Vegas’ newest resident. faraday-futures-new-factory


    Like Tesla, we are giving up A LOT of our tax money to bring this company here. It could mean a lot of good paying jobs for Southern Nevada, and we want to make sure there are mechanisms in place to ensure that the deal does just that.

    Here’s the letter we sent to legislators:

    With the rush to subsidize Faraday Future’s move to Nevada, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada urges moving forward with caution.  There are many questions that remain unanswered, as well as possible policy solutions that could ensure the best outcomes for local Nevadans. For a non-Nevadan company whose product remains unseen and performance and skills unproven, it is only just and responsible that they adhere to protections to put our people and planet first.

    Local Hiring.  We applaud and encourage the requirement that local Nevadans comprise at least half the workforce, both during construction and plant operations. When we hire locals, more money will be spent here and stimulate the Nevadan economy. More specifically, we want to see North Las Vegans win in this deal. A community that is predominately people of color and a community with below average per capita income, the City of North Las Vegas should see the benefits of their residents gaining full-time, sustainable employment. It follows that residents of North Las Vegas should be given prioritized opportunity when it comes to first source hiring.

    How will the 50% Nevadan workforce minimum be insured? Data collection and accountability will be key parts of the process and legislation should require quarterly reporting. A suggestion for data collection would be to include diversity questions and employee zip codes to confirm that employees are representative of the local population and are hired locally. Penalties and removal of subsidies should occur if they fail to comply with reporting standards.

    Good Jobs.  In addition to employing Nevadans, it is also important that employees are earning a living wage, are employed full-time and have access to health care. Reports indicate that jobs at Faraday will average $22 per hour. As part of the national movement to raise the minimum wage, we welcome higher-paying jobs in our state. However, we want to hold Faraday accountable to their promises long term. Additionally, we want to guarantee that the statistics accurately reflect employee incomes by setting a wage standard for non-managerial positions. If top-level management and engineers’ incomes are combined with minimum wages, an average could be deceiving on paper. Finally, full-time sustainable work should be a demand. Part time employment, unpredictable hours, rampant use of outside contractors, and barriers to health care would only contribute to the cycle of poverty.

    Again, quarterly reporting for transparency in wages and hours will improve accountability. Including provisions for a minimum percentage of full time positions and a base rate of pay within the legislation will guarantee good jobs for our community. Penalties and rescission of subsidies must protect taxpayer investments if the company fails to comply.

    Small Business.  Taxpayer subsidies for big corporations like Tesla and Faraday tilts the playing field against long-standing Nevada-based small businesses. Why not prioritize public spending on investments to benefit all employers such as education, job training and transportation? Additionally, developing transportation to the job site should be part of the planning process. Ideally, the employer should be responsible for workforce training and transportation, not the taxpayers.

    Environment. Chinese billionaire investor, Jia Yueting, said in a letter to the Nevada Legislature that their product “…protects the earth and improves the living environment of mankind, so everyone can breathe clean air…” If preserving our planet is part of their mission, why not require Faraday to lead in areas outside of electric cars, such as renewable energy, water conservation, etc.?

    Education.  Reports indicate that Faraday agrees to pay $1 million into K-12 education over six years starting in 2018.  Money to support our educational system has proven a priority for our governor, our legislators and our communities. It is critical that we guarantee this promise of income to public, not private or religious, education in Nevada through legislative directive.

    Infrastructure. Finally, taxpayers must not shoulder the burden of inevitable mistakes, such as over-allocation of groundwater, stemming from rapidly building an industrial park miles from infrastructure. Apex developers and wealthy corporations should pay their own bills and cease relying on Nevada taxpayers and workers to bail them out.

    Send us your thoughts PLANistas, we’d love to hear your perspective: info@planevada.org

  • This Changes Everything: Clean Power Plan assembly and free film screening

    In August President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a historic and important step in reducing carbon pollution in the United States. Join climate activists November 17th for CPP assemblies in Reno and Las Vegas to discuss how we can insure Nevada’s authorities create the strongest, most responsible plan.

    This Changes Everything


    Following the CPP assembly we’ll screen the movie This Changes Everything. Capitalism vs Climate, the screen adaptation of Naomi Klein’s groundbreaking novel. This Changes Everything challenges us all re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.


    Refreshments will be provided. We will provide water, but please bring your own reusable container. 




  • SPECIAL EVENT: Seeking Social Through Art

    Seeking Social Justice Through Art: A Convergence of Creates, is a one-day intensive workshop on social justice issues designed for artists and non profits.


    Registration begins at 8:30am. Program lasts from 9am to 3pm. Register now and order lunch. Location is the Dr. William U Pearson Community Center, 1625 West Carey Avenue, North Las Vegas, NV 89032 Seeking Justice Through Art




    8:30AM Registration

    9am Introductions with moderator Claytee D White and opening keynote speaker Dr. Anita Revila

    10am Social Justice Themed Art

    11am Socially Engaged Art

    Noon Box lunch or brown bag lunch

    12:30pm Closing remarks by Rachel J Anderson

    1pm Community roundtables and networking

    Questions? Contact Denise@LeftOfCenterArt.org or call 702-647-7378

  • Free Bird Dog training, September 9th

    With the Nevada caucuses being first in the West, we all have plenty of opportunities to talk to many different candidates and their political operatives. We hope you can join us Wednesday September 9th for a “Bird-dog” training to ask candidates good questions. Click here to RSVP for this free training.

    Bird Dog TrainingWednesday September 9,

    “Bird-dogging” is a term used to describe the act of getting a public official to comment on important policy issues by seeking out opportunities to interact with these officials. Effective bird dogs use tried and true techniques to get a response to issues they care about.

    Join us at our office in Reno or Las Vegas for a fun workshop that will teach you tips and tricks the pros use to get someone’s attention. This training is open to all activists who care about creating an economy that puts people and planet first.


    Bird Dog Training


    Wednesday September 9, 2015
    PLAN Reno: 821 Riverside Drive, 89503
    PLAN Las Vegas: 2330 Paseo Del Prado C109, 89102

    info@planevada.org 775-348-7557

  • We stand with Planned Parenthood

    Stand with Planned Parenthood

    Since PLAN was founded more than 20 years ago, Planned Parenthood has stood with us. Now in the face of nasty attacks, distortions and outright lies, it’s imperative that we stand with them.

    For nearly a century, Planned Parenthood has been one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care and is the nation’s largest provider of sex education. Their health centers and international partners provide birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and lifesaving cancer screenings to millions of people in the US and 10 other countries.

    People of all ages from every community and income level use Planned Parenthood as their fist-choice provider of care.

    This is not the first time anti-choice, forced-birther activists have gone after Planned Parenthood. For some extremists on the far right, live saving testing and contraception, and empowering people of all ages to own their sexual health is a bad thing. But we know it’s a great thing.

    Do you stand with Planned Parenthood, and with the thousands of Nevadans who use their life-saving services everyday? Click here to sign their petition and show your support publicly.


    We’re proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and the people who rely on their services every day. We hope you will too.