• We stand with Planned Parenthood

    Stand with Planned Parenthood

    Since PLAN was founded more than 20 years ago, Planned Parenthood has stood with us. Now in the face of nasty attacks, distortions and outright lies, it’s imperative that we stand with them.

    For nearly a century, Planned Parenthood has been one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care and is the nation’s largest provider of sex education. Their health centers and international partners provide birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and lifesaving cancer screenings to millions of people in the US and 10 other countries.

    People of all ages from every community and income level use Planned Parenthood as their fist-choice provider of care.

    This is not the first time anti-choice, forced-birther activists have gone after Planned Parenthood. For some extremists on the far right, live saving testing and contraception, and empowering people of all ages to own their sexual health is a bad thing. But we know it’s a great thing.

    Do you stand with Planned Parenthood, and with the thousands of Nevadans who use their life-saving services everyday? Click here to sign their petition and show your support publicly.


    We’re proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and the people who rely on their services every day. We hope you will too.

  • Shark Week is coming!

    July 6th – 10th is Shark Week!

    We’ve had enough of payday, car title and installment loan sharks in our neighborhoods! Tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  to issue rules that truly put an end to the debt trap and stop predatory loan sharks from attacking our families. Don’t let any of these Sharks off the hook!

    Add your name and story to the call for CFPB to go broad and strong on it’s upcoming rule-making. Click here to sign and join us for SHARK WEEK!



  • Love wins!

    The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) just announced their highly anticipated ruling: marriage equality is now the law of the land in the entire United States! Now, no matter what state you live in, your marriage is recognized by the federal government, and the state.

    This is a huge win for the movement (on the anniversary of the United States vs Windsor announcement!) and we’re going to celebrate in Reno and in Las Vegas:

    Reno: Meet at Reno City Plaza in Downtown Reno on #DecisionDay TONIGHT at 7:00pm PST

    Las Vegas: Meet at The Gay and Lesbian Center in Downtown Las Vegas on #DecisionDay TONIGHT at 5:30pm PST


    Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.17.33 AM


    But remember, the fight for equality is more than marriage. We have battles to win when it comes to homelessness, access to health care, ending reparative, therapy dignity in the work place, and much more. Sign this petition and pledge to continue the fight for full equality for everyone.

    Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we organize!

  • Supreme Court rules for the People!

    Today the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled in favor of the people when it came to the Affordable Care Act and Fair Housing!

    In a 6-3 decision, SCOTUS ruled that even states without an exchange (like Nevada) are eligible for subsidies to help pay for individual health care plans. This means thousands of Nevadans will keep their health care, and once again SCOTUS says the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is constitutional. That’s a BFD.

    SCOTUS ruled 5-4 that claims of “disparate impact” can be used under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which is key in addressing housing discrimination. With more than 4 million cases of housing discrimination a year–usually involving people of color, women, and survivors of domestic violence–this was a huge win for civil rights.

    Colorado Ethics Watch

    Pic via Colorado Ethics Watch

    These rulings show once again Why Courts Matter. As far right extremists lose legislative and electoral battles, they’ll look to the courts to undo laws that put people first. Progressives need to pay close attention to who is being nominated to the courts, who is being blocked, and why.

    Click here to learn more about Why Courts Matter and join Progressives nationwide working to end judicial obstruction and to confirm well qualified, diverse judicial nominees. (scroll to the bottom to sign the pledge).

    SCOTUS has five cases to rule on this month: marriage equality, lethal injections in death penalty cases, Arizona redistricting, big coal vs clean air, and a challenge to the Armed Career Criminal Act.

    When the decision comes down for marriage equality, please join us at one of the following locations:

    Reno: Meet at Reno City Plaza in Downtown Reno on #DecisionDay at 7:00pm PST
    Las Vegas: Meet at The Gay and Lesbian Center in Downtown Las Vegas on #DecisionDay at 5:30pm PST

    If you don’t see your city listed, there are more rallies listed on uniteformarriage.org.

    SCOTUS usually announces decisions on Mondays, but have added Thursdays and Friday to their schedules; their decisions are announced publicly at 7:00am PST. So keep an eye on the news, and on social media.

  • SCOTUS Marriage Watch 2015

    The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will make a historic decision on marriage equality in June.

    SCOTUS could legalize same sex marriage nationwide if they find the US Constitution’s equal protection clause means states can not ban same sex marriages. Nevada won big in the 9th Circuit last year, but a win at SCOTUS this month means ALL couples, regardless of where they live, can marry the person they love and enjoy the protections and benefits that come with marriage.

    When the decision comes down, please join us at one of the following locations:

    Reno: Meet at Reno City Plaza in Downtown Reno on #DecisionDay at 7:00pm PST
    Las Vegas: Meet at The Gay and Lesbian Center in Downtown Las Vegas on #DecisionDay at 5:30pm PST

    If you don’t see your city listed, there are more rallies listed on uniteformarriage.org.

    SCOTUS usually announces decisions on Mondays, but have added Thursdays to their schedules; their decisions are announced publicly at 7:00am PST. So keep an eye on the news, and on social media. When you hear a decision has been made, spread the word, bring a friend and join the community in celebration!

  • Give where you live – Support PLAN!

    Nevada’s Big Give is March 12th, but you can get a head start by donating now!

    PLAN (founded in 1994) brings together diverse organizations into one cohesive force for social justice in Nevada. We appreciate your continued support which will greatly assist us in our efforts to create more humane solutions to Nevada’s problems.

    Nevada's Big Give

    Please be assured that PLAN will maximize your gift and use it to motivate and support a variety of social justice causes, especially those impacting traditionally marginalized constituencies.

    Thank you for helping us make Nevada a better, more progressive state!



    Donate Now

  • Honor the legacy of Selma activists – register to vote

    Resistance to Black Americans registering to vote reached a bloody apex in Selma, Alabama 50 years ago on March 7, 1965, or “Bloody Sunday”. During a student-led voting rights march, more than 600 people, including current US Congressman John Lewis, were brutally beaten by police.

    Congressman John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965

    Congressman John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965

    Television and newspaper images of peaceful protestors being viciously attacked by local law enforcement startled a nation and moved a president to pass the Voting Rights Act.

    While activists won huge victories, Selma reminds us how far we’ve come, but also how far we have yet to go. Black people still suffer from state-sanctioned intimidation and violence. The Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act and state legislatures around the country–including our own–are looking to undo the work of Congressman Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr, and others by erecting more barriers between eligible voters and the ballot box.

    There are many ways to honor the legacy of the Selma activists, but one simple form of resistance is registering to vote.

    They wouldn’t try to take your right to vote away if it wasn’t so powerful. So take a minute and register. If you’ve already registered, do you need to update your address, or your name? Are you changing political parties? You can also forward this email to a friend and remind them that people 50 years ago shed tears and blood to protect our sacred right to vote. Let’s not take it for granted.

  • Guest Blog: Barrick’s Expansion or Our Natural Heritage?

    Barrick’s Expansion or Our Natural Heritage?

    By Tyler Nickle

    If you were to visit Barrick Gold’s Bald Mountain site, you could almost be impressed by it. The labyrinth of terraced steps carved into the earth show the power of human industry and ingenuity. But that’s only when you squint. Take another look, and you’ll see an industrial landscape that represents a major disruption to the earth’s ecology and geology, and that disruption could get worse soon: Barrick Gold is currently working to expand its open-pit mine at Bald Mountain by several thousand acres.

    Mule deer

    According to a recent report prepared for Nevada’s Department of Wildlife, the expansion cuts across a migration corridor used by Nevada’s largest deer herd. The deer migrate during winter, a season when every calorie counts and when food is scarce. The deer have found reliable stopover sites near the Bald Mountain mine with adequate resources that they return to each season. The additional acres of “surface disturbance” Barrick proposes will send the deer scrambling, impacting the herd’s health.

    This isn’t just about the deer. Nevada’s landscapes are ecologically fragile places, and the deer herd’s health could have consequences for other living things, things that we have a collective stewardship over. The herd is a resource we Nevadans share in common, a natural heritage like the public lands that we all enjoy. Years ago, Woody Guthrie crooned that “this land is your land,” and maybe it’s time remind Barrick of that fact. Let Barrick and their BLM landlords know you oppose the destruction of our natural heritage by posting a comment to the BLM’s feedback page. Use the drop-down menus to submit your comment directly to the Bald Mountain Field Office.

  • Keep public lands in public hands

    Below is PLAN state director Bob Fulkerson’s statement in opposition to Senate Joint Resolution 1. Today at 12:45pm in Carson City and Las Vegas, rallies will be held in support of public lands. At 3:30pm today you can testify against SJR1 and in support of our public lands in Senate Legislative Operations committee hearing. Click here for details for providing testimony from Carson City, Las Vegas, or Elko.


    Public lands are the crown jewels of our Republic. Selling them off is like eating the seeds, consuming for our own immediate selfish ends what rightfully belongs to our grandchildren. There is nothing more American than public lands, and we in Nevada are blessed with the last of the best of what’s left. These great wide-open, unfenced swaths are the envy of the world. In most other places, if you want to hunt or fish, you’d better be a rich person with membership in a private club.


    Testimony in opposition to Senate Joint Resolution 1, March 2, 2015.

    Thomas Jefferson said we hold the land “in usufruct.” It is a fundamentally American value to protect wild and natural areas from destruction so that our children can experience the “uncontaminated purity and value of nature”.


    By taking away our public lands, we revert closer to pre-Revolutionary War European values, when hunting or fishing on the King’s land could be punishable by hanging. Today, these lands are open to and owned by all, rich or poor. And they remain out of cash-strapped Nevada’s reach to sell off for quick industrialization or to the 1% seeking to fashion themselves as new Lords of the Manor.


    I’m a 5th-generation Nevadan. I have hiked, biked, fished, hunted, camped, and backpacked all over this big beautiful state. I love driving to the end of the dirt road, finding a trail, and going into wild and open places as far as my legs and food will allow.


    I’ve also lived for several years on the east coast. I tried to get out on the land there whenever I could. But instead of trails and wild open places, here’s what you find in states without federal public lands:


    “NO TRESSPSASSING!” It means you and I are fenced out. It is the victory sign of ALEC and the Sagebrush Rebellion. And these signs will be springing up like mushrooms if SJR 1 is implemented, as more corporations wring short-term profits our of our wild places.


    If we convert federal public lands to state lands in places like the Pequop Mountains, they’ll be off limits to you and me quicker than you can say Newmont Mining Corporation.


    In addition, Nevada has demonstrated it is incapable of safeguarding our precious water, land, wildlife and other resources without federal intervention. If no federal lands are impacted, there’s no need for the National Environmental Policy Act to mandate a thorough review prior to making decisions. That is a developer’s dream. It also helps grease the skids for unprecedented abuses like the Las Vegas Water Grab.


    Since no federal agencies will be involved in managing state lands, it will fall on state agencies to do oversight. Let’s look at how well that’s working currently:


    The Division of Minerals is run by a commission comprised of those who profit from extractive industries. According to their website, the agency “is responsible for administering programs and activities to promote, advance, and protect mining and the development and production of petroleum and geothermal resources in Nevada.” Guess which agency is also responsible for inspecting and regulating Nevada’s emerging fracking industry? The Division of Minerals.


    The real impetus behind this effort is opening up more lands in Nevada for private plunder. Americans should never surrender the keys to the lockbox that holds our nation’s crown jewels.

  • WE RISE! March 11th in Carson City

    Join us for a day of action March 11th at Nevada State Legislature. Use the form below to RSVP!

    White Allies Training

    Getting ready for #March11 at UNR!