• Feb 6th Edition of The Planista!



    Welcome to our first Winter edition of The Planista! We’ve had a packed season so far. Look at all the stuff we’ve been working on in Nevada this new year!

    Our Vegas staff got to come up and hang at the Reno Women’s March!

    Reno’s Woman’s March on Washington

    Reno’s Women’s March on Washington took place downtown on January 21st. Police estimated 10,000 participants during the march. We were most excited to see so many new faces join us in solidarity. We were also excited to join so many other states and cities that participated and marched as well. PLAN helped organize with Action Together Northern Nevada to make a successful event! Below are some great pictures of the event. Thank you to our amazing









    Our strong Planista women!



    State of the State

    The Progressive State of the State in Las Vegas

    PLAN was excited to hold our 2017 Progressive Sate of the State address on January 10th in Las Vegas and on January 26th in Reno! Both events were packed with concerned community members ready to get involved!

    Progressive State of State in Reno

    During the address, we lifted up our legislative priorities for the upcoming session. Our priority bills include automatic voter registration, ban the box, raising the minimum wage, pay equity, and healthy basins. In both Las Vegas and in Reno, Autumn Harry presented the address. We are really excited to get started on these bills in February.






    PLAN on Immigration

    Open Forum in Las Vegas!



    Since the election, PLAN has been actively engaging the immigrant community so that they know their rights and so they can begin their road to citizenship. In collaboration with Hermandad Mexicana in Las Vegas, we hosted an information session with almost 100 people in attendance. Lawyers were onsite to answer the pressing legal questions that the undocumented community has. We also continued our naturalization work, both in Reno and Las Vegas, with 2 citizenship fairs. We were able to help close to 50 people with the help of more than 30 volunteers and lawyers.

    Information forum in Reno!

    In Reno, PLAN in conjunction with the ACLU, LiUNA Labor’s union, Hermaindad Guatemalteca, and Ellas’ representative, Martha Torres did a community forum at Little Flower church January 13th. Over 80 folks came out to ask questions and to listen to community leaders explain what rights they have. This helped many Reno immigrant residents who had worries over the new administration’s policies.

    Claudia Castañeda explains the services PLAN’s Immigration program provides in Reno!












    DACA Student forum

    On Monday November 21st, PLAN along with The Center, Every Student, Every Story, lead an open immigration forum for the University of Nevada Reno students and faculty. The forum was assembled after The Center found many DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students had many fears and concerns after the president elect was named. Rosa Molina and Claudia Castañeda lead the discussion where 40 people gathered to receive information and to have their questions answered. Attorney Steve Brazelton called in and also answered questions. PLAN was excited to inform faculty and help put students on campus at ease.




    Earth 2 Trump!

    Packed house at the Earth2Trump event!

    On January 6th in Reno, we hosted the event Earth2Trump. The traveling tour put on by The Center for Biological Diversity featured local music, artists, organizations, and speakers. The event was held to not only empower Nevada’s communities, but to bring likeminded folks together and encourage us to continue to work together as the new administration enters the White House.

    Ellen Moore hosts Earth2Trump!



    On November 17th and 18th PLAN lead a community organizing training in Reno and in Las Vegas. These trainings were to inform our volunteers and to help them to become better organizers within our Nevada communities.

    Trainers from People’s Action trained groups from both, Reno and Las Vegas!

    Trainers from People’s Action in Chicago, including  Laurel Wells and  Pamela Twist came down to present the trainings. PLAN organizers, Escenthio Marigny and Erika Castro also helped with presentations. PLAN was able to train 20 leaders!


    Peacekeeper’s training in Las Vegas!

    PLAN hosted a peacekeepers training on January 7th for the Reno’s Women’s March on Washington. Over 20 folks showed up to participate in the training and take an active part in the march. Along with how to deescalate intense situations, participants also learned the importance of data collection and the role of an energy teams during demonstrations.





    Resist Trump Tuesdays!

    PLAN will be joining The Working Families party every Tuesday at noon at the Federal building in Reno Nevada. Every Tuesday we will have a different ask in our persistence to resist the unfair policies of the new administration. Please join us!

    That’s it for now! Next time we will have more on the legislative session, upcoming trainings, and on immigration!

    Until then, if you’re excited as we are about getting work done here in Nevada, please consider contributing a financial gift. Every dollar helps! You can donate here !

  • The PLANista October 18th

    PLAN Logo


    Welcome to PLAN’S first Fall edition of the PLANista!

    Take a look at all the stuff we’ve been up to!

    Native's in Reno gather in protest against DAPL

    Native’s in Reno gather in protest against DAPL

    Standing Rock Fundraiser and #NoDAPL Rally in Reno


    PLAN was proud to join Native leaders and the Be The Change project the last week in September to rally in support of the estimated 6,000 people camped at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota who are putting their lives on hold and their bodies on the line to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline. The Reno rally was also held to raise funds and gather winter weather supplies that will be delivered to the camp by Be The Change and others. 

    Nationwide Action to Keep it in the Ground


    Over the past month PLAN has taken action at home and in Washington D.C. to protect our climate, land and water. On August 23rd, PLAN Director, Bob Fulkerson was scheduled to go to trial on charges stemming from the June Keep it in the Ground Rally. Dozens of supporters came to a rally outside the courthouse and accompanied Bob during the proceedings, which were eventually postponed. We are still waiting on a new trial date.  


    PLAN also was proud to stand together with frontline and Indigenous leaders outside the White House to deliver 1 million signatures to President Obama demanding no new fossil fuel leases on public land and water. Later we took the fight to the doorstep of the U.S. Department of the Interior where the Bureau of Land Management is located. The BLM recently reported that future oil and gas lease sales will be held online, out of the view of the public. PLAN joined 40+ climate protectors in peacefully occupying the DOI lobby before 13 people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience. Our message is clear: No more pipelines, no new leases – we have never been stronger, and we will not stop!

    Keep it in the Ground & No TPP Event at Lake Tahoe Summit


    As President Obama, Minority Leader Reid and other decorated elected officials gathered in South Lake Tahoe for the annual Tahoe Summit, two movements joined forces on the streets outside to deliver important messages to leaders and attendees.  Activists demanded that President Obama end leasing of federal coal, oil and gas, as well as get on the path to a just transition and clean energy future.  Our future is not for sale, keep it in the ground!

    Family Defenders!


    Family Defender, Brenda Romero with volunteers!

    PLAN’s Family Defenders program is dedicated to helping immigrant families this election season! We are focused on immigrant voters and keeping our Nevada families together. On August 25th Reno held its first Family Defenders meeting with 7 people in attendance. Las Vegas held its first Family Defenders meeting on August 8th with 8 people in attendance. Since then, our program has grown with new volunteers, voter registration work, promoting citizenship fairs, and Get Out The Vote efforts! In Reno the Family Defender’s program was able to engage high schools in voter registration and recruit volunteers!

    Family Defenders speak at Sparks High school in Reno!

    Family Defenders speak at Sparks High school in Reno!

    We visited Hug High school and Sparks high school and reached 80 students all together! We spoke to 5 classes, registered 7 students, and recruited 47 students to join PLAN. The Family Defenders programs is glad to have this chance to engage our communities about this year’s election!





    Pathway to Citizenship!

    LiUNA working with PLAN for a great Fair!

    LiUNA working with PLAN for a great Fair!

    PLAN’s been uplifting our immigrant communities and helping our neighbors on the road to citizenship! In September we held citizenship fairs in Reno and Las Vegas and this month we held them in both locations as well. In October we served 66 people all together!

    Karla Rodriguez assisting a client at the Las Vegas fair!

    Karla Rodriguez assisting a client at the Las Vegas fair!

    In Reno we held our citizenship workshop at the LiUNA labor union headquarters. We assisted many people with the help of LiUNA and our volunteers who came out to help. The Guatemalan counsel also dropped by to visit and take part in our fair!

    The Guatemalan counsel discussing their work at the Reno fair!

    The Guatemalan counsel discussing their work at the Reno fair!

    Along with partners like iAmerica, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Asian Community Resource Center and Mi Familia Vota, PLAN hosted a citizenship fair in Las Vegas at the Rio Casino. We were able to assist a wide range of community members thanks to our dedicated volunteers. PLAN will continue to build immigrant power by ensuring that eligible community members have access to citizenship. If you have any questions about our citizenship work or would like to volunteer, please contact Karla Rodriguez at krodriguez@planevada.org.



    Introducing the Nevada Coalition for Women’s Equity


    In November 2015, women from AAUW called together community members to launch an effort to pass an Equal Pay bill in the Nevada Legislature.  Since the initial launch, PLAN Action along with 7 other organizations have come together to advocate for a gender equity platform.

    Stacey Shinn peeping in on the Women's Equity meeting!

    Stacey Shinn peeping in on the Women’s Equity meeting!

    The Nevada Coalition for Women’s Equity’s (NCWE) priorities also include paid leave, affordable family planning, increasing the minimum wage, domestic workers rights, affordable childcare and the enforcement of Title IX.  The coalition conducted a survey of legislative candidates on the seven issues and have produced a report that can be found at NV4Equity.org.




    Reno/Sparks NAACP’s Banquet


    PLAN's new team of interns!

    PLAN’s new team of interns!

    PLAN attended our member group, Reno/Sparks NAACP’s annual 71st annual Freedom Fund Awards Banquet. The Banquet took place on October 8th in Reno Nevada at the Circus Circus casino. We were excited to be a part of this fantastic fundraiser and show support for the NAACP! We also brought our new social work interns, who enjoyed their first banquet event!





    Rosa Molina guest speaking at Fraternidad Guatemalteca.

    Rosa Molina guest speaking at Fraternidad Guatemalteca.

    Immigration forms

    PLAN informing LiUNA members of citizenship information!

    PLAN informing LiUNA members of citizenship information!

    In September PLAN’s Immigration program in Reno was able to partner with many local organizations for citizenship screenings, citizenship test preparation, and information forms. We worked with Fraternidada Guatemalteca, Latinos Unidos from Carson City, Family Resource Center from Sun Valley, and the labor union LiUNA. These information sessions were held successfully throughout the city of Reno and Carson City!







    “American Outrage” film screening links past to present


    img_5062On September 8th, PLAN hosted more than 40 people for a backyard screening of the documentary chronicling the Dann sister’s valiant fight to defend their land and way of life from mining giant Barrick Gold. After the film Professor Debra Harry drew connection between the Western Shoshone sisters’ struggle to stop an open pit gold mine from desecrating their ancestral land to the historic movement at Standing Rock to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. Local Native leaders organizing to provide solidarity and support for the encampment shared i

    information before ending the night with a prayer. 

    Nevadan’s Vote!

    Family Defenders with volunteers registering their community to vote!

    Family Defenders with volunteers registering their community to vote!

    PLAN has had a great run this election year with voter registration! In Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, and rural areas with canvassers, volunteers, service agencies, and local community events we have had a full year this election season! All together PLAN has registered 5,872 people throughout Nevada!

    Canvasser, Frank Ramos registering a new student to voter at UNR!

    Canvasser, Frank Ramos registering a new student to voter at UNR!


    Volunteers came all the way from California to help PLAN get Nevadans registered!

    It has been great talking with communities all over and listening to the issues folks truly care about. We have enjoyed our time engaging with our residents and helping them in this year’s voting process. We hope that everyone in Nevada votes and allows their voices to be heard in this upcoming historical election!



    Thanks to our Voter Registration teams!

    Canvasser, Brenda Virrey stopping a shopper to register!

    Canvasser, Brenda Virrey stopping a shopper to register!


    Canvasser, Josefina Martinez at the state fair in Carson City!

    Canvasser, Josefina Martinez at the state fair in Carson City!


    Canvassers registering folks at Patagonia clothing store!

    Canvassers registering folks at Patagonia clothing store!


    PLAN registering folks at the homeless shelter!

    PLAN registering folks at the homeless shelter!

    So long for now!

    Thanks for checking out our page! Keep up to date with PLAN events and initiatives through Facebook and our Twitter page! Also, if you enjoy our work and would like to take part or help, please consider volunteering or making a financial gift here. Community member’s donations allow us to do the work we do in Nevada! Thank you for your support!

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