The Nevada State Education Association has enjoyed a long and rich tradition as a respected voice for education in the Silver State.

The Association serves as representative to more than 24,000 members in one of the fastest growing organizations within the NEA family.

The primary mission of NSEA is to advocate for and empower members by providing a united, political and professional voice in order to ensure the right to quality public education.

The Nevada State Education Association represents the state’s teachers and education support professionals.  Educating children is what we know, what we do, and what matters most to us.

With support from all Nevadans, we can help students succeed by meeting four critical goals—enhance student learning, provide quality teaching, promote parental involvement, and increase student accountability.

The organization is extremely active in promoting opportunities for professional awareness, growth, and empowerment. The NSEA is a leader not only in the political arena but in the professional development area as well. The NSEA takes pride in serving as a well-balanced, democratic organization which attempts to serve the best interests of its members while meeting the needs of the students they teach and the communities they serve.