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  1. Dennis Gunn says:

    What transpired today in the way of progress?
    Dennis Gunn

    • admin says:

      The progress today came in the form of the incredible turnout and support of the people, particularly those with the Comstock Residents Association. It no doubt showed the Commission that people from all parts of this state are unified and resolute in ensuring the passage of SJR15 and releasing our state from the grips of these corporations. Unfortunately, but by no means a rejection of our efforts, the MOAC cited a section of the NRS that does not permit Commissions/Committees to take a position on pending legislation. The chair advised the Commission of the statute and no official action was taken. They did listen and we certainly feel that we left them with plenty to ponder as they make future decisions about the industry. Thanks again for your support and for all the valuable information and perspective that you have contributed. We fight on!

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