American Outrage movie screening

On September 8th at 7pm PLAN will host a backyard screening and discussion of the documentary, American Outrage (Our Land, Our Life), the inspiring story of Western Shoshone sisters, Carrie and Mary Dann, who stood up to mining giant Barrick Gold.

It is difficult to find a Nevadan who is unfamiliar with the history and influence of mining on our state – from the early men and women who risked it all for the chance to strike gold, to today’s massive operations run by transnational mining conglomerates. These already well-known stories were the focus of a recently aired four-part Nevada mining series on Northern Nevada’s Public Broadcasting station, KNPB.  The Nevada Mining Association paid for the 120 minute production, which dedicated just eight minutes of air time to voices concerned about the environmental and cultural impacts of mining on our state.

Too many questions were left unanswered. What about the sacred tribal sites overrun to make way for open-pit gold mines? What is the industry doing to address the fact that according to the EPA, Nevada mines are some of the greatest producers of mercury in the U.S.? What does the shift away from an economy fueled by expensive fossil fuels mean for the future of gold-mining in Nevada?

PLAN, Great Basin Resource Watch and the Comstock Resident’s Association were particularly disappointed as all three groups had participated in the making of the series with the good-faith that KNPB would ensure a fair and accurate portrayal of one of Nevada’s most controversial issues. We wrote a letter detailing our concerns and shared it in person with  KNPB management, the Community Advisory Board and the Board of Directors. KNPB’s response did not address any of the specific content or factual concerns, totaling over eight pages, that were raised and failed to justify that opposing views accounted for less than 10% of the overall content.

Nevada has a rich history of mining and resistance, and we think both stories need to be told. Join us at PLAN’s office on Thursday, September 8th from 7 – 8:30pm where we will begin to discuss some of the questions KNPB and its corporate sponsors failed to address. Bring lawn chairs if you have them; we will provide the popcorn!

PLAN’s office is located at 203 S. Arlington Ave, Reno, NV 89501

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