Our Work

PLAN’s mission is to build collective strategic action among coalition partners in order to deepen democracy and achieve greater social justice in Nevada. Since 1994, we have worked to bring together diverse and potentially competing organizations into one cohesive force for transformational change in Nevada.

Our 32 coalition member groups include the largest labor unions in the state, LGBT, conservation and women’s groups, civil rights organizations, Latino organizations, Native American Tribes, and anti-poverty advocacy groups.

Our key strategies include research, political education and training, leadership development, communications, civic engagement, direct action, coalition building, and lobbying. PLANAction, an allied 501(c)(4), was formed in 2011 to do allowable candidate and elections work. PLAN holds trainings for leaders of member groups to build power by bridging differences across class, race, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and geographic region.

PLAN views cross-issue organizing, cross-constituency alliance building as the key to building power and changing business-as-usual in Nevada. It’s also the only reason we have passed landmark conservation, energy, and civil rights policies at the state level.

Nevada’s go-it-alone culture and historic stinginess of state lawmakers have hurt poor people and ransacked our land and water resources for decades.  We want to move Nevada away from this tradition of inequality and toward shared community values that recognize that the fates of our natural environment, and the people who live here, are linked.  Loving your neighbor is not some platitude, but a political and moral imperative that must be followed in order for our species, and the planet, to thrive.

Over time and within the constraints of a non-profit agency, we aim to see these policies and policy makers change for the better. In order to achieve this, we identify and develop emerging leaders, and provide them with the education and training to participate fully in governing our state, whether through grassroots mobilization, lobbying, volunteering on campaigns or by running for and winning elected office.