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PLAN is a coalition of 31 of Nevada’s strongest and most diverse organizations. We believe Nevadans deserve a sustainable, equitable and healthy society, and a clean environment.

We work with Nevadans to speak out, take charge, and make Nevada the best it can be for all its residents.

Nevada is a state of great energy and beauty, magnificent land and fabulous people. But for more than a century, Nevada has relied on unstable boom and bust economies - mining, divorce, prostitution, casinos, tourism.

Nevada’s fast-hire, quick-money booms create opportunity and attract many workers to the state, but our wild-west, corporate friendly, extractive economy also means low wages, failing schools and no safety net for many people.

For too long, Nevada’s economy has depended both on the exploitation of natural resources and of our immigrant neighbors, who despite bringing vitality and hard work to our state, continue to live in fear of deportation. Many are exploited because of their legal status or work for low wages with no benefits, while the cost of living soars. At the same time, Nevada's land and communities suffer from generations of toxic, unsustainable mining projects. Today, transnational mining corporations operate with near impunity and low taxes, leaving behind toxic groundwater and soil.

Nevadans have worked to overcome these problems, starting at the grassroots to stand up for the rights of children, women, low-income people, Native Americans, African Americans, immigrants, labor, and the environment. PLAN united these vibrant and growing movements under a common umbrella of education and action.

Together we have had many successes over the past 25 years.

Member Group Coalition

PLAN’s 31 member groups represent a wide spectrum of popular interests. We apply Gender, LGBTQ, Racial Justice and Civic Engagement lenses in our work to build diverse coalitions, powerful grassroots support, and a strong community voice.

Together, we make a difference.

Over the years, we’ve seen that many ordinary Nevadans are eager to get involved in our efforts to reverse growing inequality, fix our democracy, and create a sustainable future. When we talk to people at the door, on the phones or in workshops, we break through their cynicism and inspire action.

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2017 Great Basin Water Tour Recap

2017 Great Basin Water Tour Recap

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