Statement of Common Principles

Nevadans for Judicial Progress is a coalition of organizations and individuals convened by the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada and ProgressNow Nevada with the support of Legal Progress program at the Center for American Progress. The coalition signatories endorse or engage in nonpartisan support of the fair and decisive confirmation of federal judicial nominees so that we may restore the lost confidence in the political process which so greatly affects our third branch of government.

The coalition members hold diverse views on many issues, but are united in the belief that the United States federal judiciary must place the constitutional rights and civil liberties of the individual first and foremost and that we should strive to ensure that we have judges who will uphold American values of liberty, equality and justice for all as a civic virtue.

These following 5 principles convey the common values which guide us as we work to ensure that each American is guaranteed full and equal access to the democratic process:

  • Our courts must be fully-staffed and free from political interference in order to fulfill their constitutional duties.
  • The courts must protect the constitutional and civil rights and liberties of the individual, including but not limited to privacy, health and reproductive rights, voting rights, education, the environment, workers’ rights, and consumer protections.
  • The federal judiciary must accurately reflect the richness in diversity of our nation and of our state. We can only move closer to achieving social and racial equity if we have a judicial branch which reflects the people of our country.
  • The Senate has the responsibility to provide ‘advice and consent’ for the President’s judicial nominees. Attempts to impede this process in order to undermine policies which a minority of Senators could not change through the legislative process have caused a loss of honor and faith in the confirmation process.
  • The confirmation process for federal judicial nominees must be transparent. The use of procedural delays such as the filibuster, holds, failing to return a blue slip, failing to recommend judicial nominees, or other procedural delays used for political purpose denies Nevadans representation in the courts and denies justice to us all.

If your organization would like to endorse the Statement of Common Principles and join Nevadans for Judicial Progress, please email mginsburg at planevada.org


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